Thursday, 24 May 2018

Weekly blog

In literacy we need a recount of the Middle School Concert. This is my recount.

The Incredible Middle School Concert

By: Ester

Yesterday on a sunny and hot afternoon at the UNIS big auditorium, grade 5 where invited to the MS informal Concert to help us prepare and experience MS. At the MS concert we watched the G06 band and choir, the G07/08 Orchestra , the middle school choir and the G07/08 band.

Grade 6 extraordinary band and choir played, Three Billy Goat Gruff song with a special narrator! I think it was really a creative way to read a story. The song was about the three Billy goats try to cross the bridge of an ugly and stinky troll.Then they played amazing song named Enchantment. I noticed how they use different instrument and how the sound goes up and down.

Grade 7 and 8 Orchestra played 3 amazing song, Fiddler’s Frolic,Three Celtic Folksongs and Appalachia Waltz and Boogies Woogie. I thought the songs were really interesting. They were playing fast as a cheetah. I thought it was kind of boring. Karolina, Melissa and Tam thought that it was so boring that they were actually sleeping. I think if they would have done what they did in the first song Three Billy Goat Gruff, it would be more fun to listen.
Then, the middle school choir sang songs from across the world. Four Partner songs from Traditional English, Mango Walk from Traditional Jamaican, straighten up and flying Right and There is peace. My favorite song was Mango Walk because, it sounded really fantastic and I like the sound. I thought it was really interesting how they sang songs from around the world. I also like the idea of singing songs from around the world.  I really liked the song The four Partner because, the choir sang it beautifully. The songs There is peace and Straighten up and flying Right where kinda of the same.

The last thing was grade 7 and 8 band.They were supposed to play 7 different songs, but because of time they skipped some songs. They played Asian Folk Song Rhapsody, Based on Bamboo Flute, Joy and they played one more song but I don’t remember. One of my favorite songs is Joy, I really like how they played and it sounded really nice.

In conclusion, I think they did a really fantastic job and you could see that they practiced a lot. I really enjoyed watching the MS Concert.

The week

In literacy we made a recount of an event. A recount essay is when you tell a event with lot's and of description words. Descriptions words are The shape of something, the size, the color, the numbers of things, the texture of something, the location and an action/ feeling. I made a recount of what we did with our buddies. This is my recount of what happened. 

This sunny and hot Thursday morning we got together with our adorable and tiny little buddies. First, my buddies Penny came to my class 5A and give me a big hug. We sat in the big, blue and rough carpet. Then, we partnered up with another wonderful group Mika and Sophie. After that, we started to finish our beautiful and awesome poem about one of the SDG’s (number 13.) We got a random poem and we had to put in order. Finally, we printed our awesome poem's that we made and shared to the class.

We also did a boring MAP test. With 55 or 50 questions. I thought that it was one of the hardest because, it had words that I didn't know and it had so many questions. I also thought I did fine.

In U.O.I we are learning about puberty and parts of our body. Today we had a presentation about Puberty and parts of our body with nurse Susan. She explained Why we have puberty? and how the privet parts work when you are puberty.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Ma Famille

Dan ma famille il y a un pere. Il s'appelle Daniel. Il a 41 ans. Dan ma famille il y a une mere. Elle s'appelle Josefina. Elle a 43 ans. Dan ma famille il y a duex freres Ils s'appelle Ivan et Ruben. Ils ont 9 ans et 13 ans. Dan ma famille il y a une soeur. Elle s'appelle Ines. elle a 14 ans et demi. Dan ma famille il y a moi! Je m'appelle Ester, j'ai 11 ans.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

The week

In math this week we had math stations and we got to go to each one of them. I was working in the Mass Station. In the Mass Station I had to compare the weight and size of the different items: rocks ,blocks of woods and on liter of water. We wanted to weight a liter and 500g and see witch on is heavier but, we didn't have a liter. So, we decided to weight half a liter and 500g. What Tam my partner and I found was half liter equals 500g.

I also went to the Capacity station. In the Capacity Station we had to create the perfect recipe for powered lemonade using both metric and US customary units but, we didn't have lemonade so, Mr. Nathan gives us Kool Aid. We knew that kool Aid had so much sugar so, we put 10ml of Kool Aid and 200ml of water. When I finish with my first test, I drank it and it tested like water. So I knew that I put to much water, so in the second test I put 10ml of Kool Aid and 100ml of water, when I drank it it had to much Kool aid it tested really bad. So in the third on I doubled the about so, that means that I 20ml of Kool Aid and 200ml of water, when I finished I drank it and it tested perfect it didn't tested like water or only Kool Aid.

In literacy we are writing a recount. The purpose of a recount is to retell an event that happen. Something I recount is what happen in yesterday in the morning and my 4 day weekend. Here are the links so you can take a look to it: 4 day weekend and Recount on seating Spot

For UOI we stared a new Unit called Transition. Our Central Idea is Transition involve changes that require adaptation.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

PYPX reflection

Last week our Exhibition semester finished. At the beginning I felt scared because, I didn't know anyone. At the middle I felt mad because, every time our mentor gave us a job and we never finish it. Something I think we should work better at not fighting all the time. In 1 week we didn't really do anything. In 1 week was more about getting to know each other. If I could do Exhibition again I would try to finish things in time.

Our Central Idea is The decision people make about food affects others. Our Lines of Inquiry are: Causes of hunger, Actions people can take and How to valuate our food distribution and consumption. We had so many problems with the Central Idea. We had to changed 5 times because, the teacher didn't like it, second our action didn't connect with our Central Idea, third one person didn't like it and so on. 

Some of the skills I used are, research skill, communicator skill and thinker skill. I used my research skill to find cites that would help us with our Information Report. I used thinker skill to think of an action. I used my communicator skill do listen to my members ideas. 

Our action is Meatless Monday. What we do in Meatless Monday is to persuade people not to eat meat. We persuade people don't to eat meat because, meat is bad. Meat is bad because, to raise a cow it takes lot's of land and grains, they eat 700 grain at year and that grain we can use to grow crops. And even though Exhibition is over my group is still going to stop doing our action. 

Sunday, 22 April 2018

L' exposition PYPX

In french class for PYPX we did lot's of projects. All the class of french had to do this. So the project was to draw a poster of your SDG number and logo. After we finish that we did this really cool thing, it was we had to crate a project for our PYPX and inside of the project we had to write our Central Idea in french, we also had to write a sentence in french about our action. That one was on of my favorites. After we did that we did we had to color the Criteres de succes (this is french). That is were the teacher has a question and if you know how to do it you color it green and if you don't know how to do it but u can explain u color it orange and if u don't know how to do it u color it red. That are the things we were doing in french class for PYPX. Somethings that were challenging were to write a sentence explaining our action in french.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

My weekly blog

What we did this week in Literacy was, Response text, we had to write a response text about our concert. What I learned about responded text is the purpose about, the purpose is to give your opinion with judging words about any topic. What I wonder is what type of writing are we going to learn next week, in Literacy. What I know about Response text is that you can put your opinion in the conclusion and in the introduction.

What we did this week in math was, putting a fraction into a decimal. What I learn about putting a fraction into a decimal, is how to turn a fraction into a decimal but, when I do that I need some help.
What I wonder is what putting a fraction into a decimal is going to help me in any thing. In math I also learn 3 new words. Perimeter which means the length of a polygon. Polygon it means a shape that has many angles. And Dimension which means length and width. We also did Tam's Bathroom Tile Problem, what we did was we had to know how many tiles do we need for the bathroom? What we know was the bathroom is 5 and a half ft and 8 and a half. Each tile is a 1 sq ft. What I learn was did if you work with some is better. What I wonder is would it be more easy if we had real tiles.

What we did this week in U.O.I was PYPX, what my group did was we finish our Informational Report. What I learn is that if we work together we finish faster. What I wonder is are we going to finish everything in time.