Thursday, 12 April 2018

My weekly blog

What we did this week in Literacy was, Response text, we had to write a response text about our concert. What I learned about responded text is the purpose about, the purpose is to give your opinion with judging words about any topic. What I wonder is what type of writing are we going to learn next week, in Literacy. What I know about Response text is that you can put your opinion in the conclusion and in the introduction.

What we did this week in math was, putting a fraction into a decimal. What I learn about putting a fraction into a decimal, is how to turn a fraction into a decimal but, when I do that I need some help.
What I wonder is what putting a fraction into a decimal is going to help me in any thing. In math I also learn 3 new words. Perimeter which means the length of a polygon. Polygon it means a shape that has many angles. And Dimension which means length and width. We also did Tam's Bathroom Tile Problem, what we did was we had to know how many tiles do we need for the bathroom? What we know was the bathroom is 5 and a half ft and 8 and a half. Each tile is a 1 sq ft. What I learn was did if you work with some is better. What I wonder is would it be more easy if we had real tiles.

What we did this week in U.O.I was PYPX, what my group did was we finish our Informational Report. What I learn is that if we work together we finish faster. What I wonder is are we going to finish everything in time.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Musical Concert

On a Thursday afternoon hundreds of students, parents, friends and teachers attended the grade 5 and 4 music concert. The students sang, played instruments and did a bounce to the beat basketballs. The students in grade 5 and 4 wanted show off their progress and skills.

All the students in grade 5 and 4 were dressed in elegant clothing. Students in grade 4 were wearing black and white. Students in grade 5 were wearing wearing black and bright colors. The grade 5 sang 2 songs then grade 5 and 4 sang "Have you ever seen the rain" together. Grade 5 sang "I'm on top of the world" and "Hold back the river".

The band people played 3 songs. They did a really good job and it was fun watching them play. After the cello played 3 songs "Rhythm fever" "Here it come" and "Tip toe boo!". I think that cello people did a really good job, they sounded better than before. 

After that day, we did a refection. We had to grade ourselves how we did in the concert and how we did in our class, the score was 1 to 10. I put myself 9 out 10 because I did some mistakes and in the class I forgot my cello one time. If I would do it again I would try to not forget my cello and practice more the songs so would not forget them. Some issues I had were that we learned a song five days before the concert and, I had some issues learning it.

In conclusion, everyone had fun and they showed their talent. I didn't like the concert that much. The concert for me was just fine, because I am not that passionate about playing cello and the songs that we played with the cello.

Thursday, 22 March 2018


This is our fourth week doing exhibition. I am really frustrated because, two of my team members are always being silly, not doing there work, playing games and not taking there job seriously. I am really mad too because, U jeong and I are doing all the work and the boys are doing no work. I am also frustrated because, we still not have an action. But I am also happy because, we did lot's of work and we are almost finish with our informational report. In my  group there is U jeong, Hung, Phan Anh and me. 

My three lines of inquiry are, causes of hunger, ways to change food consumption habits and how to evaluate our food consumption. Our central idea is The decisions people make about food effects others. What we are doing know is working in our information report and we are almost finish. Some issues that we are having are that U jeong and I are doing must of the work and the others are being silly and playing games in the computer. And what is also frustrated is that we tell them that they have to work and stop playing and they just ignore us.

Some things that I am wondering are that what would of happened if I had a different group, would I have more job done or less? I also wondered if what would happened if we didn't have help from our mentor and teacher? Some thing that I am think is what would happen if we don't finish our project in time. A question that I have is why do we have exhibition? Why is it important?

Thursday, 15 March 2018


On Wednesday, all the grade 5 students find out what was there SDG and our group.  Every group has a mentor. A mentor is a person that will help u with your exhibition group. My group is having some issues some of them is that the boys are playing around and begin silly, nobody is serious and nobody is listing to each other. My group and I meet our mentor once. Our group and I are going to meet our mentor every Monday. My group decided to put all our information in pad-let and, every time we find important info we put it on pad-let. Things that were hard is that we don't know each other so it's hard to communicate. Some things that went well are that, we have a central idea and ideas for what action we are going to do and lot's of information that will help us.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Ma presentation

Aujourd'hui c'est lundi, cinq Mars deux mille dix-huit. C'est la classe de fracais de Miss Laurie, et non, la classe de sciences. Je'mappelle Ester. Je suis a fille. Aujourd'hui j'ai trois emotions: un fatiguee, deux inquiete et trois, contente. Je suis belge et espanole. Je parle trois langues: un, angais deux,  un petu franais et espagnoi. Je suis dans la classe 5A de Mr. Nathan. J'ai 10 etdemi. J'ai un poisson en Belgique. Dans ma famille il y a 6 personnes, ma maman Josefina, mon papa Daniel , ma soeur Ines, mon frere Ruben, moi est mon peti frere Ivan. Mon papa a 41, ma maman et 43 ,ma soeur Ines a 14 ans, mon frere Ruben a 13 ans et, mon peti frere et 8 ans, et moi 11 ans.

Mon chiffre prefere est le 2. Je n'ai pas de jour prefere. Mon animal prefere est le chien. Ma couleur preferee est rose. J'ai 167 mots 

Thursday, 1 March 2018


Exhibition  is coming up. Today they ask us this questions, What worries you about exhibition? What do you still need to know about exhibition? What excites you about exhibition? And What suggestions do you have as we move forward with exhibition? This are the answers, One what worries me is that my issue is not connected to my passion or SDG. Second, what I still need to know who is in my group and which SDG I have. Third, what excites me is that I am going to work with people that I might not know.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Weekend Post

We are learning about Taxes. I can't really say anything about it because, I don't understated it yet. In math we are doing this project which is called "Budget for a Party" and it's about Taxes and it's a little challenging.

In U.O.I we are designing and presenting a government system for a community. I chose a hospital. I didn't know what is the system of a hospital so I ask Tam's dad because he works in 3 hospital. And I also ask the nurse of the school.

In literacy we are writing a outline for a discussion. My discussion essay is about" Should we be aloud to bring phones to school" and i think we should.

On Thursday grade 5 and there buddy's went to Ho Chi Minh museum, we saw Ho Chi Minh body. I didn't not like it that much. I will prefer to go camping like we did in our other field trip.