Thursday, 18 January 2018

Class Government System

This week my class just voted for a government system for our class. We voted for Graham to be our president and Mika to be our Prime Minister. And I think that was a good choices but, I am not so happy about who is president because I loved if the president would be a girl. But it's okay. But I think it's not gender equality because, in our class it's always a boy the leader or the king for example Xavier was king and president and Graham is president and last Mr. Nathan know so we never had a girl leader. Which is sad.

And the government system we choose for our class was....Democracy. And I am happy that we choose Democracy because, know if we can choose one thing we can vote and that is fair, that is my opinion.

Thursday, 11 January 2018


All grade 5 new unit is Government. I learned the four types of government. One, Anarchy. Two, Monarchy. third, Dictatorship. And last but least Democracy. Anarchy means when there is no leader, so people do what ever they want. Monarchy is the opposite of Anarchy. Dictatorship is when there is one leader that has ultimate power and something cool that they can do is that they can stop the election so people don't vote him out. Last one Democracy means "rule by the people".

This Unit is not finish yet. But I will tell you somethings that went really well was that I learned new words that I din't know, I leaned the four types of government and, I learned the meaning of the four governments.

Somethings that  grade 5  did was they had to choose one of this four governments, and make a coat of arms for there King. If you don't know what coat of arms is a unique design on a shield. And the colors that are in the coat of arms mean something different, here is a link to see what each colors mean
Fleur-de-lis Designs: Symbolism.

I choose Anarchy group but, they move me on Monarchy group, because there were to many people in the Anarchy group. In our group we had to choose a king to lead us. Everyone wanted to be king or Queen. So our teacher said the person birthday is closer to May 20 will be the king or Queen. What I thought about this activity was that it was worth it because we all learned the word coat of arms.

My favorite government is  Anarchy because, nobody can tell you what to do. And my least favorite is Monarchy because, When you are in your classroom and the teacher says to choose your King Or Queen people just choose there friend, which it's not fair and because the King or Queen has to tell you what to do, what is not fun. And some times they have rules that nobody likes.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

My story

Me and my class been working on our narratives. And for my it was really challenging because, I am not good are writing story's. But, it was really fun because, I learn a lot of things of how to write a good story. If I do it again, I will change a lot of things for example make it more interesting, more fun and not to long. I did like my story but at the same time I didn't, what I did not like is that it was to long and it was not fun and what I did like is that I made a story that people liked. Mr Nathan told us that we will have a publishing party.

A publishing party is when your buddies comes to your class to listen to your story. The best part was that we got to eat popcorn and more things. And I liked that we get feedback from our buddies. What went wrong is that our buddies didn't really listening to our story's because, they were eating popcorn. So I think that popcorn was a bad idea.

This is my story:

Wednesday, 8 November 2017


electricity is a flow of electrons that go through chords, wires, lightning and more. And electricity is energy.
I wonder how electricity is made.
I see that electricity can go any were.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Migration story

For my migration story I chose to be Mila kunis because, I didn’t know her so I wanted  to know more about her and more about her migration story. But before I chose Mila Kunis I was going to be Hadise Açıkgöz but it was to difficult. I got my information from many places for example Wikipedia and other places. I learn something surprising about Mila kunis she been in over 36 movies and one of them is Annie and Annie is one of my favorite movies. If I could do it again I will but more detail on the story and could have some expression when I talk. I needed help with finding what was her perspective of moving to a country to another country when she was only 7 years old. Something that me and Mila Kunis have in common is that we both move to a country and we didn’t know the language(English).

When the day came I was nervous but, excited too. I made a lot of mistakes but that's good because if I do mistakes the next time I will do better because, I know that I should do that. Know that I talk in front of a lot of people I am more confident talking in front of people. And other thing I should improve is that when I present I should look into the people's eyes when I talk. Things that help me get organize was the story arc.

Hi my name is Mila Kunis. When I was seven year old, I migrated from Ukraine to US because I was Jewish so people in Ukraine didn't treat us well. My mom and dad chose to migrate to US because they new if we go there we will be free and they well treat us better. After living in USA for three month's I found out there was a acting class so I stared to beg my mom and dad to let me go. When my mom and dad say yes I was so happy because, my dreams were to be actress. But it was not easy because, it was English I didn't speak English. And I cried every day because I didn't know the culture or the language. After a lot of years I was a actress and I been in over 36 movies!!! My perspective is that you should treat people different because, of there religion.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Over night trip

On Wednesday all the grade 5 went to Hoa Binh and, we stay there for 2 nights and 3 days. I had a lot of fun, we played the whole day long.  And the part that I like the must was when we has a disco night. So what we do was after dinner we have to do a reflection about what we learn what we you saw and stuff like that. We played a lot of games like activities in the pool, doge ball and more games that were really fun. And in the last day we went to a school and we played with kids, there were different groups one group is were you play the stick game the second group is when you go to the library  and the third group is when you play with the ball with them and the last group is when you go to there classroom and ask some questions. I was in the last group and I ask them what will they like to have and one of the students said that she wants a dictionary in English because, she wants to learn English. 

So one of the activities group was to make a dance with your group and then at the disco night you and your group need to dance the dance that you made, it was really fun but I was really nervous. I learn that don't judge people to quickly because, I judge someone to quick, after the second day we where friends and we still are, so first talk to them and see if they are king and then you can say if you like her or not. And by going to this field trip I made a lot of new friends. And the food was so good before I came to this trip I thought that the food will be really bad but, I was wrong because, the food was really good and the cupcakes were the must delicious thing on the buffet!!! It was the best days of my live!!! 

And we went hiking in the first day or in the second day I forgot, it was really fun but at the second step I was already tired!!! it was one hour go and one hour come. And the good thing is that we got free time in the pool every day!! 

Je me presente: je suis qui?

In french class we did a poster were we write what is our name, if we were a girl or a boy, what langue we speak, were are we from and what class are we in. What was challenging was to write in french some of the words were harder then others. Then after we write we can pick if we what to make a video of us reading it or we can take a picture of it. What I did was make a video of my reading it because, if I just take a picture of it I will don't improve my french.